Louminous Bunch Limited, a company existing under Nigerian laws (RC 1469077) began its operations buying grains from farmers in Northern Nigeria and supplying to the largest grain market in Africa. Since then we have developed our focus to grow our presence in the international agricultural commodity market.

Creating trade links between local farmers, the larger market and the world

Enhancing farmer potentials and enabling a secure marketplace

We offer representation services for companies that may need to get into the Nigerian Agribusiness scene, sourcing services, sales agent services. As well as direct sales of Organic Sesame seeds, Cereals, Cashew nuts, Ginger, Shea nuts and butter, Cocoa pods and Butter, Soybeans, Roselle and other spices.



Sourcing of diversified agricultural commodities which include Organic Sesame seeds, Maize, Rice Raw Cashew nuts, Ginger, Shea nuts and butter, Cocoa pods and Butter, Soybeans, Roselle and other spices such as red chilli and cloves.


We assist in setting up and running representative office in Nigeria and managing your business in the entire region. We are affiliated with various real estate companies, Architectural firms and freight forwarders/export consultancy firms.


We are affiliated with large farming plantations and farmer cooperatives, this is why we can assist in buying and selling of agricultural commodities, arranging deals with the right suppliers on your behalf, ensuring complete documentation, and product delivery as per schedule given by suppliers.


We assist in new project identification, diversification, planning and development as well as target market identification. We set out to be different and always offer quality services to suit your preferences.

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Faizah Ibrahim – Audu

Business Broker


Kamil Iman Usman

Commodity Trader