About US

About Us?

Welcome To Loumo !

Nigeria’s no1 online marketplace-emporium. We are the largest and fastest growing e-commerce site focused on native-Nigerian products exclusively made by brilliant Nigerian minds. All our products and services are hand-made-home-made with love and great craftsmanship.

Loumo is that typical Nigerian market you walk into and are immediately captivated by wonderful displays of great craftsmanship, only you do not have to move an inch to marvel at Nigerian greatness. Loumo brings it you online and delivers to your doorstep. As soon as you make that wish, click, and we will come bearing your good requests with warm smiles and goodwill.

Loumo offers an extensive collection of home-grown brands with a variety of products ranging from home and living essentials such as groceries, health and beauty products,

fashion items, incense, decorative items to media, arts, craft, agricultural produce and vendor link services.

Loumo gives merchants global access to customers, logistic coverage and the freedom to transcend the world of commerce.

Stress-free navigation and intuitive operation

Our online store is well laid out and easy to use. Customers and clients are guided through the shop step by step to complete their purchase easily and speedily.

Simple and safe shopping

Once the desired items are in the cart, our customers can choose between the various secure payment options. Payment can be simply made by bank transfer and, prepayment or debit/credit card. After a successful order, our customers are informed about the current status of their order. Each customer receives a tracking number with which they can follow up their order until delivery.

At LOUMO, customers can qualify for FREE Delivery when the minimum basket size of N6500 is met. See Shipping Fee Details.

Clothing and shoes will always vary – for instance, a shoe might not fit. At Loumo, we accept returns within 7 days of delivery.

Comprehensive and personal service

Our customers and clients can use the customer services hotline or the customer service live chat to address their questions to the expert customer support. There is an extensive range of services available to our customers – personal, professional and speedy.